Golden Retriever Puppy Biting Issue

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Published: 11th January 2011
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Many of us pass off puppies biting as simply playing, and as we find them so cute we don't really mind. Unfortunately, this so called playful biting behaviour can lead to dominance and aggression problems in adulthood. You must therefore, ensure that you get rid of your Golden Retriever puppy biting issue immediately.

The great thing about puppies is that they learn fast. In fact many Golden's learn very early that it's bad to bite as their siblings will bite them back. Often, this occurs around about eight weeks of age. It can be hard to break the biting habit after this point so be please be careful.….

Golden Retriever Puppy Biting: Do it whilst they are young!

From the second you learn about your Golden Retriever puppy biting problem it is time to stop it. If you have recently got your puppy and it is younger than 8 weeks old then now is the time to take action.

Super importantly,, please never hit your puppy when you get bit. They can become scared of you when you do this, and it can lead to aggression problems later on.

Every effect has a cause, and the best way to deal with biting is to deal with the root cause. To stop your Golden Retriever puppy biting use the ‘stick and carrot’ method. The basic model of this is to reinforce and reward good behaviour and discourage bad behaviour. This doesn’t involve punishing them!

Avoid any form of physical games with your puppy as this will encourage aggressive behaviour.Consistency is key here. Sending mixed signals such as playing rough one week and then enforcing no physical games the next week is only going to confuse your puppy.

Golden Retriever Puppy Biting Problems: Education

Another great way to stop your Golden Retriever puppy biting is to begin some form of obedience training. The obedience classes are great because the trainers are experts at handling biting problems

Socialization classes are a very good way to help your dog become used to being around other dogs. This also helps to lessen violence and apprehension issues.

You can discourage biting by redirecting any biting behaviour.If you give them a chew toy instead of your finger then they will associate the chew toy with biting, not your finger.

You can teach your dog that biting is unacceptable by simply displaying pain whenever you are bit. This will show that you aren't playing.

It is very easy to train your dog when it's young to stop biting as they are open to learning. You can eliminate the biting problem within a few months if you start it early enough. This will cause much less panic in later life as it can turn out to be much more difficult, although not impossible as the dog gets grown-up and develops habits.

Matt Roberts highly recommend you check out the full Golden Retriever puppy biting article. As well as this please also check out Training Golden Retriever puppies and Stop Golden Retriever biting for more helpful tips.

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